What is VCM

VCM is a vendor management platform, designed specifically to provide companies with complete visibility on the suppliers' levels of compliance with statutory, legal, BBBEE and technical requirements.

VCM is not like other solutions. It's a unique product that allows you to remain legally compliant in a user-friendly manner, allowing you to focus on business with confidence.

Your supplier’s legal company documents are physically verified and vetted, so that you can be sure that your supplier database is authenticated and maintained.

By successfully achieving legal compliance alone, suppliers immediately access industry-relevant tender opportunities.

VCM is the only  vendor compliance solution in South Africa that allows you to grow your business. By completing your legal and BEE compliance as well as having a technical evaluation done, you can increase your Business Maturity Index Score (BMiS).

As your business matures, you are considered a low trade risk supplier and you thereby improve your chances of securing more business.

With VCM you can either be a company, a supplier or both.


VCM offers a holistic approach to vendor compliance managing by assisting both companies and suppliers to promote compliance and furthermore aims to provide SMMEs and established companies with equal and greater opportunities. Here is a recap of the three main areas of VCM:

Legal Compliance

Achieving legal compliance is a basic requirement of VCM. By being legally compliant alone, you already qualify to receive and respond to potential requests for quotations from buyers!

Here's what you need to be legally compliant:

  • Entity registration document such as CIPC registration document, trust deed and so forth, depending on how your entity is registered
  • Proof of your entity’s physical address
  • Identity documents of your entity’s directors, shareholders, members and/or trustees
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Valid Letter of Good Standing (workmen’s compensation document)
  • Bank stamped letter not older than 3 months confirming your entity’s bank account

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Although a B-BBEE certificate or Affidavit is not compulsory to do business in South Africa, it is a requirement of many companies. A supplier’s BEE is taken into consideration by buyers when adjudicating quotations from various suppliers.

Here’s what you need to complete this area of compliance:

  • A BEE Certificate issued by a SANAS accredited BEE verification agency
  • A BEE Sworn Affidavit on the latest DTI template - Find DTI Templates Here
  • A CIPC BEE Certificate
  • Confirmation of turnover letter

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Technical Evaluations

The Technical Assessment section is not compulsory, but it allows both suppliers and companies to identify and address risks. It furthermore allows suppliers to improve their BMiS.

Here’s what makes our technical assessments count:

  • Physical evaluation conducted at the supplier’s premises
  • Focus on technical capability & traceability
  • Ideal for production-critical suppliers
  • Conducted by technical/ISO certified assessors

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So why should you choose us? There are many vendor compliance systems available, but VCM is unique. You can't compare apples with apple pie, and here's why.
Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Confidence in knowing you're dealing with compliant suppliers, thus mitigating risk.

User-friendly vendor management


VCM is an exceptionally user-friendly system that is easy to follow. We keep it simple.

No Vendor Numbers

No Vendor Numbers

Unique to VCM, you no longer require a vendor number to receive or to respond to requests for pricing.

Industry Relevant

Industry relevant

RFQs (request for quotes) can be issued within specific commodities or goods / services groups. Suppliers thus receive RFQs according to their specific areas of expertise.

Grow your business

Grow your business

Through B-BBEE Compliance and Technical Evaluations, you can improve your supplier ranking (BMiS). Thus differentiating your company from other competitors.

Social Procurement Network

Social Procurement Network

On VCM, companies have access to compliant suppliers above and beyond their current supplier database, creating competitiveness. Suppliers in turn can also request quotations from the other suppliers which are part of VCM.



VCM will automatically send reminders of any documentation due for expiry so that you're always up-to-date.

Reduces risk

Reduces risk

By enforced legal compliance, risk is greatly mitigated. This is because all documentation is physically verified and vetted, thus curbing the possibility of dealing with fraudulent entities.



VCM is a culmination of applied knowledge from industry experts, thousands of development hours and great investment. Both companies and suppliers can enjoy all it has to offer for a small monthly investment.

Promotes local enterprise

Promotes local enterprise

VCM enables local SMMEs to partake in companies' procurement processes and allows companies to identify suppliers in need of development.

B-BBEE spend reporting

B-BBEE spend reporting

Gone are the days where companies need to spend weeks to do B-BBEE reporting. With the press of a button, VCM can provide you with accurate B-BBEE spend reporting.

Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal

Replace the traditional vendor application process with a centralised supplier portal with your own look and feel.

Provinces covered and counting
Suppliers and counting

Business Maturity Index Score

Unique to VCM, improve and grow your company's ranking to differentiate yourself from other competitors through a higher Business Maturity Index Score (BMiS).

What is BMiS?

The BMiS is a score which is achieved by measuring three distinctive compliance elements of a business.

How does it work?

The score achieved by a supplier for legal compliance, BEE and technical are added together to derive at the BMiS. The supplier’s profile is furthermore classified as either Non-Compliant (score of less than 40%), Bronze (score of between 40-60%), Silver (a score of between 60-80%) and Gold (a score greater than 80%)

Why is it important?

Buyers can compare suppliers – the higher the BMiS, the lower the trading risk is to the company.

Important Supplier Notice

Please be sure to read all information carefully as we will not be held accountable for any errors made on the Supplier end.

Opportunities are not guaranteed and no refunds will be permitted.


Here's what some of our clients have to say about VCM

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Please click on a relevant question to see the answer.
As a supplier, am I guaranteed that I will receive RFQs if I am registered on VCM?
No. Once you are found to be legally compliant, you will become visible to buyers. Buyers still have the choice whether to send you RFQs (request for quotations).
What is the Business Maturity Index Score (BMiS) and why is it important?
The BMiS is a score which increases as you complete the various sections in VCM. The better your score, the higher your ranking will be, thus improving your chances of winning more RFQs (request for quotes).
How can I improve my chances of winning more RFQs?
Through our Business Maturity Index Score, you have the opportunity to complete the BEE-, Business Support Function- and Technical Evaluation sections. By completing these successfully, you become a low trade risk for companies as your status improves to a highly recommendable supplier on VCM. The lower the risk, the better your chances of doing business. Each of the additional assessments and evaluations above are not compulsory for you to access RFQs (request for quotes), but an added benefit to grow and improve your business.
Do I need a VAT number before I can register on VCM?
It is not a requirement to have a VAT number to register on VCM, as not all companies are VAT registered vendors. There is an option to tick 'Non-Applicable' in the VAT section.
Can I register more than one company on VCM?
You may register more than one company, provided that you don’t use the same email address as a username or the same Company Registration Number. Each company’s account is linked to an email address as well as the company registration number.
Why should I register my entity (company) as a supplier on VCM?
  1. You are guided in terms of any possible shortfalls your entity may have which you might not have been aware of, specifically with regard to legal compliance. You can thus take corrective action where required.
  2. You will be informed of expiring documents before they expire, allowing you to obtain updated documents and enabling your entity to remain legally compliant.
  3. You can link your entity to the applicable commodities (goods / services which your entity provides), thus allowing participating companies and buyers to issue requests for quotations and tenders to your entity via VCM.
What are the costs involved in registering on VCM?
  1. Subscription fee of R1200 per annum which includes:
    • 1 user license
    • Access to and use of the VCM app
    • Initial vetting of your entity’s legal documentation
    • SMS bundle for notifications
    • Additional user licenses will be charged at R1200 per license.

When do I need to buy tokens?
  1. You will need to buy tokens at the initial registration of your entity for your documentation and information to be vetted.
  2. Each time you upload a new or updated legal document, you will need to purchase additional tokens for the purpose of vetting.
  3. Tokens will be required when you change the following:
    • Change in your entity’s information (any changes such as name change, change in directors, change of address) as and when applicable
    • Tax Clearance Certificate updated once a year
    • Workmen’s compensation letter updated once a year
    • Bank account letter once a year
    • BEE document once a year

What if I upload an incorrect document?
  1. You can make changes to your profile and upload documents until such time as you click on “Submit for Vetting”
  2. Please make completely sure that any information provided and/or documentation uploaded is correct as no refunds for any amounts paid will be made
What if I do not submit my documents and entity information for vetting?
  1. You will not be able to respond to RFQs unless your documentation and information has been vetted
How do I add more users?
  1. Once you have created your entity’s profile, you can request additional users. VCM Helpdesk helpdesk1@vcompliance.co.za can assist should you need to set up permissions for the additional user(s)
What do I need to do to get RFQs or Tenders?
  1. You will need to register your entity’s profile on VCM and pay your annual user license at minimum as well as select your commodities (the goods / services which you provide)
I get RFQs but I cannot respond to them?
  1. There are a few reasons for this:
    • You have not bought tokens, or you have bought tokens, but you have not submitted your entity’s information and/or documentation for vetting
    • Your entity’s status is non-compliant
    • Your entity’s legal documentation has expired
    • Your annual subscription and subsequent vetting fees have not been paid
What does it mean if my profile is “Compliant”?
  1. Great job - this means your entity’s legal documentation and information has been found to be 100% correct and valid
What does it mean if my profile is “Vetted with concerns”?
  1. Your profile may be classified as being “Vetted with concerns” if your documentation is valid but there is a discrepancy between your profile information provided and the documentation submitted
  2. An example would be for instance if the directors indicated in VCM do not match the directors on the CIPC document
Do I have to wait for my Tax Clearance- and BEE Certificate or Affidavit before I can register on VCM?
No, you do not have to wait for your latest documents before registering on VCM. You can upload your updated documents once they are available but you will not be eligible to receive RFQs before your legal documentation is not verified and vetted.
What do I need to be classified as a compliant supplier?
  1. Entity registration documents for either PTY / CC / Trust / Sole Proprietor (ID)
  2. Workman's Compensation - Letter of Good standing
  3. Tax & VAT Certificates
  4. Tax Clearance Certificate
  5. Proof of Bank Account
When do I get a vendor number?
VCM is unique in the sense that your company does not need a vendor number to receive RFQs. Once your company is successful in the bidding process, a vendor number will be allocated to your company when the Purchase Order is generated. Vendor numbers will therefore be issued by companies when they procure your products or services.
What payment methods can I use to pay the subscription fee?
You may use the following payment methods to pay your VCM subscription fee:
  1. Credit card (Supplier Option)
  2. EFT (Supplier Option)
  3. Standard Invoice Method (Company Options)
Which browsers are compatible with VCM?
It is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer IE 9 and up, Opera, Chrome and Edge.
What do I require to register on VCM?
  1. Entity registration document(s) such as CIPC registration document, trust deed and so forth (depending on how your entity has been registered).
  2. Proof of your entity’s address.
  3. Identity documents of your entity’s directors, shareholders, members and/or trustees.
  4. Tax clearance certificate.
  5. Letter of good standing (workmen’s compensation document).
  6. Bank stamped letter not older than three months confirming your entity’s bank account.
  7. BEE certificate or BEE affidavit.
  8. Letter from your accountant or auditor confirming your entity’s turnover.
Why do I need to buy tokens?
  1. Your entity’s information and legal documentation needs to be vetted and tokens are used to cover the costs to do so.
What is the cost of additional tokens?
  1. We keep it simple – additional tokens cost the same as the initial tokens.
When will my profile be classified as “Compliant”?
  1. When you have uploaded your entity’s legal compliance documentation which includes:
    • Entity registration document(s) such as CIPC registration document, trust deed and so forth (depending on how your entity has been registered)
    • Proof of your entity’s physical address
    • Identity documents of your entity’s directors, shareholders, members and/or trustees
    • Tax clearance certificate
    • Letter of good standing (workmen’s compensation document)
    • Bank stamped letter not older than three months confirming your entity’s bank account
    • BEE certificate or BEE affidavit
    • Letter from your entity’s accountant or auditor confirming turnover
  2. When the legal compliance documents are valid (must not have expired)
  3. When the information completed in VCM corresponds to the legal company documentation uploaded
  4. If you bought tokens and submitted your documents and information for vetting
  5. When vetting indicates no discrepancies and/or issues in respect of your entity’s documentation and information
What does the vetting process entail?
  1. Vetting is the process of performing in-depth checks to ensure the information and documentation provided is valid and correct
  2. Information and documents are not only accepted at face-value - we verify the authenticity and validity thereof
What if I provide false information?
  1. Where information and documentation provided is suspected to be fraudulent, we have an obligation to report such suspected irregularities to the applicable regulatory bodies. In such an instance, the applicable supplier profile will be classified as non-compliant
Can multiple people within my company use the same login details?
  1. User accounts or login details cannot be shared, and you will need to request and pay for additional users
Why don’t I get RFQs or Tenders?
  1. The main reason for not getting RFQs, is that the companies participating on VCM do not have opportunities to provide in respect of the commodities which you have selected
How will my entity’s profile be displayed to my customers or companies participating on VCM?
  1. Once all of your entity’s information and legal documents have been vetted, your entity’s profile will be classified either as being a) Compliant b) Vetted with Concerns or c) Non-compliant – this status will be visible to your customers or companies participating on VCM
  2. In addition, your entity will be provided with a Business Maturity Index Score (“BMiS”) which will provide buyers with insight as to your entity’s maturity
    • Your BMiS is based on the outcome of the vetting process conducted on your entity’s legal information and documentation, BEE ownership and level as well as the score achieved through the technical assessment conducted on your entity. Depending on your score, your entity will be classified as non-compliant, bronze, silver or gold
What does it mean if my profile is “Non-Compliant”?
  1. Your profile may be classified as being “Non-Compliant” if:
    • Any of your legal company documents have expired
    • There is no correlation between the information completed in VCM and the documentation provided
    • The entity’s profile contains fraudulent information and/or documentation
How is my entity’s personal information protected?
  1. VCM is POPI Act and GDPR complaint – you provide consent as to what may be done with the personal information provided. Click here for a copy of the VCM GTCs

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